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Street Whale 2022

                                             Street Whale 2022


AMMCO has undertaken to strengthen the synergy of actors from government, civil society organizations, private sector, local communities and independents to promote ocean management. Thus, the Street Whale 2021 brought together 30 organizations which discussed in a format combining art and science to formulate eight main recommendations to improve the management of ocean resources in Cameroun. The STREET WHALE 2022 is a continuation of the previous one. Art, science and people will come together in the symposium, experience sharing, capacity building and networking workshops. Artistic activities such as music and painting concerts, canoe racing, volleyball, sea trips and a major beach clean-up campaign will accompany the construction of a whale monument from marine waste.


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Scientific activities


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The purpose of the symposium is to inventory the current knowledge on the marine and coastal Cameroonian, the gaps in knowledge (to know what has already been done and what needs to be done in the future). This symposium will consist of two main parts:

- Scientific presentations: the presentations on the marine and coastal domain selected by a scientific committee will be presented orally or in the form of a poster. These presentations focus on two aspects (a) scientific research and (b) conservation; and will be distributed under the headings: biodiversity, fishing, habitat, community approaches and governance.

- Sharing of academic and conservation experience: Guests from the academic and conservation fields will present the techniques and results they have been able to achieve in promoting the protection and enhancement of the marine and coastal environment in their area. Suggested themes will focus on marine protected areas, fishing, pollution, coastal erosion and communities. International experts will present models of success, in particular the National Agency for National Parks in Gabon and Ifremer in France will lead these workshops with Cameroonian experts. Following the presentations, discussions will take place between the panel of specialists and the other participants.

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Training on the identification and monitoring of elasmobranchs, the use of the SIREN application: Participants registered and selected on the basis of academic training, their role in the conservation of marine biodiversity as well as their projects for the future. The training coordinated by Manta Trust will be optimized on taxonomy and innovative research methods.

Training on the fight against INN fishing: The training on the mitigation of Illegal Unreported and Unregulated fishing is designed to provide participants with tools for understanding INN fishing. The program which will be led by AMMCO, MINEPIA and FAO will focus on the description of IUU fishing, the red card received by Cameroon from the European Union and the means put in place to fight against IUU fishing in Cameroon.

Artistic activities

Building of a whale with marine litter

The artist Martine Mbarzouga and the participants will collect the various marine litter and assemble them with patterns and colors to form a 3.5m whale that will be adopted as a monument in the city of Kribi.

Painting, storytelling, music and awareness-raising dance

A whale mural will be made in the hall of the town of Kribi and the voluntary participants will participate in the "Body painting" which consists of painting an animal on a part of the body. The participants recorded the possibility of joining these artists to learn how to make paint or art objects from shells, plastics and other materials. T-shirts with images of the whale and other species of large aquatic fauna will be produced and sold on site to raise funds which will be used to protect these species.

The evenings of the Street Whale fair will be animated from the outset by concerts with the participation of local artists from Kribi, in particular traditional Batanga dance groups. Urban artists such as Cysoul (Pitou) and many other surprises will be there.

Canoe race

Participants of this sport will be selected among local fishermen with a view to raising their awareness of the conservation of marine biodiversity through sport. The race will take place at sea near Ngoye beach, 1km away and a maximum of 200m from the shore to allow visitors to enjoy the event from land.

Thug of war

Dedicated for fishermen and other voluntary participants, four teams will compete at low tide on the tourist beach of Ngoye during the opening ceremony. The teams will carry the names of marine megafauna species and the winners will win flocked T-shirts with an awareness message as well as other gadgets to encourage them to better contribute to the protection of marine biodiversity.

Beach volleyball

Volleyball (for those who have the will) will also be played on the beach of Ngoye and will be opposed to two teams made up of participants in scientific debates and having the will to join science to sport. The game will be held in a festive atmosphere with the aim of relaxing the atmosphere and promoting the fluidity of exchanges.

Sea trip

The sea trip will take place aboard a 20 to 30-seater cabin boat with a highly experienced crew. The purpose of this outing is to give participants the experience of life at sea, the beauty of the landscapes, the activities that are adapted to the sea and perhaps they will have the opportunity to see whales or dolphins.

 Beach cleaning campaign

This activity will be done in collaboration with local associations like the Association Stop Pollution (ASPOL) and will allow participants to make their symbolic contribution to the cleaning up of our oceans and beaches. The cleaning campaign will take place on the tourist beach of Ngoye. The waste collected will be separated into bio- and non-biodegradable waste. Recyclable waste will be given to companies or organizations involved in the circular economy in Kribi or outside Kribi.


For registered members and guests, it will be an opportunity to promote the exchange of ideas between participants and the establishment of networks.



                                             Street Whale 2022

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