Do you want to join us to contribute your time and efforts to improve the megafauna conservation? Do you want to volunteer with us?

There is space for you! Drop us an email at info@ammco.org  or please fill up and submit the form below and we will contact you shortly.

Your help will be very needed in any of the following activities:

  1. AGR (Bee farming, myciculture, heliciculture, green charcoal production) with fishermen
  2. Environmental education with high school students
  3. Organizing sensitization campaigns
  4. Establishing an ecotourism circuit in Lake Ossa
  5. Beach monitoring during the turtle nesting season in the northern coast of Cameroon
  6. Manatee field survey
  7. Beach clean-up from plastic waste in the northern coast of Cameroon
  8. Tree planting on eroded landscape.
  9. Bushmeat market survey.
  10. Statistical analysis of field data
  11. Collecting opportunistic aquatic megafauna sighting information using SIREN
  12. Monitoring the bycatch of aquatic megafauna.
  13. Conducting interviews and focus group with fishermen and other stakeholders.
  14. Creating of drawings or cartoon books to promote environmental education in elementary schools.
  15. Improving AMMCO external communication (website maintenance, socio-media, newsletter, etc...).
  16. Writing or editing grant proposals.
  17. Fund raising campaign.



OUR Volunteers

Thanks to our dynamic volonteer, we do our best to safeguard our mother nature.

Become a volunteer at AMMCO

Volunteer recruitment is paused for the moment, we will inform you soon about the reopening of recruitment. hanks

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